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Building Codes

Indiana Building Codes are enforced, where applicable.  Select the link below to find out about the building permit process.  
The City of Rensselaer operates under the following Indiana Codes: 
General Administrative Rules: (675-IAC-12 GAR)


Indiana Building Code: (675-IAC-14)   

 Indiana Residential Code: (75-IAC-14 OTFDC)

Industrialized Building Systems: (675-IAC-15 ISB) 


Indiana Plumbing Code: (675-IAC-16 IPC)


Indiana Electrical Code: (675-IAC-17 IEC)


Indiana Mechanical Code: (675-IAC-18 IMC) 


Indiana Energy Conservation Code: (675-IAC-19 IECC)


Indiana Swimming Pool Code: (75-IAC-20 ISPC)


Indiana Safety Code for Elevators, Escalators, Man lifts and Hoists: (675-IAC-21 SCEEMH) 


Indiana Fire Prevention Code: (75-IAC-22 IFC) 

 Indiana Supplementary Fire Safety Rules: (675-IAC-24 SFSR)


Indiana Fuel Gas Code: (675-IAC-25 IFGC) 

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Joshua D. Davis, Building Commissioner
124 S Van Rensselaer St
Rensselaer, IN 47978
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